Have you tried to gain muscle for a long time without any measurable results?


Have you tried to lose fat but saw no results?


Are you tired of hopping from one program to the next, attempting to find the

“perfect program”, but getting nowhere?


Do you need a coach to hold you accountable?

If you said yes to one or more questions, we can work together to fix it!

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How Does It work

If after reading this page you decide to work with me (no pressure!), this is how the process will look like: after a deep analysis of your intake form, I will design you an individualized training and nutrition programs according to your goals, preferences and lifestyle. Then, I will send you all the information you need so that you can start the program right away.


To reassess the initial plan, we will have weekly check-ins where you fill in the spreadsheets regarding training, nutrition and lifestyle and answer some questions about your week. I will then analyze all the info and decide if changes to the plan are needed, so that we keep tracking forward.


We will always be in touch through Whatsapp and e-mail, where you can ask me anything related to your training and nutrition every day of the week.

My Phylosophy as

a Coach

I believe the best way to achieve your goal, whether it’s muscle gain, fat loss or both, it’s by combining weight training with an adequate nutrition and proper recovery.


I see myself as a coach, not just the guy that sends you training and nutrition programs.


Being a coach is about building a relationship with you, becoming your mentor and helping you in the best way possible to achieve your goals.


I will not only guide you through this journey, but also teach you along the way, so that once you achieve your goal you can become your own coach and maintain your physique.


Adherence and consistency are key for achieving success in any fitness journey. I can give you an “optimal” program but if you can’t adhere to it and be consistent, it will be useless. Therefore, my goal as a coach is to find a sustainable and enjoyable way for you to achieve your goals.

Who am I looking for:

- Someone who has minimum experience in the gym and can perform the main movements/patterns (squat, hip hinge, vertical pull & push, horizontal pull & push) with proper technique.

- Someone willing to weight train at least 3x/week.

- Someone who wants to take their physique to the next level.

*5% discount per month if you let me use your progress photos as a future testimonial on my website and social media

What’s included

- Individualized training program to your gender, goals, training experience, preferences and overall lifestyle.

- Individualized nutrition program according to your goals, level of knowledge/experience, lifestyle and preferences.


- Weekly check-ins.

- Unlimited daily e-mail support (+ Whatsapp).


- Recommended supplementation (if requested).


- Exercise library with key points for 90+ exercises and 180+ videos.


 Price: 69€/month* 

I’m interested!

What do I do next?

1 - Click the link below and fill in the form.

2 - I will analyze all the information you sent me and decide if I’m the right coach for you and you the right client for me.

3 - I’ll get back to you with my thoughts on what you sent me and, if I think we’re a good match, I’ll ask for your confirmation and we start working together!