Hi and welcome to my website! My name is Bernardo Damásio.

I have a BSc in Sport Sciences and I'm a Certified Henselmans Personal Trainer (cum laude).

My Journey

I started training in college but, at the time, I didn’t have much knowledge about how to properly structure my training, and my nutritional approach was poor so, in the beginning, I saw some results but nothing worth bragging about. Also, because I was a very skinny kid, the thought of being a “hardgainer” that would never be able to build a muscular body started "tormenting" me.


However, one day I came across Revive Stronger’s Podcast, specifically an episode with Mike Israetel, and  I was "introduced" to the evidence-based fitness community. In the weeks after, I binge watched Revive Stronger's Podcast and discovered more and more “personalities” of this community: Eric Helms, Brad Schoenfeld, Greg Nuckols, Menno Henselmans, James Krieger, Martin MacDonald, Layne Norton, and many others.


From there, I started applying most of the things I learned from these podcasts and that I thought were adequate for my level of advancement, I started following these people on social media, reading their books, ebooks and articles and took Menno Henselmans’ online PT Course. With all of that, I drastically changed my training and nutrition approaches. I started seeing better results and that gave me an even bigger passion for putting the work in the gym, fueling my body, recovering and seeing the results.


With evidence-based training methods, an adequate nutrition strategy to my goals and a good amount of dedication and discipline I was able to transform my body and get pretty good results



* Photos from Aug/2015 (top) and Jun/2019 (bottom); started training Mar/2017

My Mission

My mission with Physique Upgrade is twofold:

#1 - To help as many people as possible reach their physique goals, and teach them along the way, so that once their goal is reached, they can become their own coach and maintain that physique.

#2 - To provide evidence-based information on topics surrounding training and nutrition to people interested in building muscle and/or losing fat.